Daily Horoscope: Cancer

There's a disconnection in your social group right now. Either everyone else wants to whoop it up and you don't feel like going out, or you're in a mood to paint the town red and you can't find anyone to go with you. Whatever the problem is, you're just going to have to go with what the majority rules and make the best of it. If you're the one who doesn't feel like going out, remember that sometimes forced socialization can end up being the very thing you need.

Weekly Horoscope: Cancer

As Mercury backtracks through your social zone, issues could come up connected with a friend, a group, or an organization. If it hasn’t already been resolved, you have a few more days yet to make any necessary changes and tie up loose ends. Questions to ask might include “Are my friends of like mind? Do they support my vision? Do we have similar hopes and dreams?” It’s also a good time to contemplate how you can be a better friend and to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while. On another level, this is also a pertinent time to contemplate your role within society and whether you’re happy with what you give to others and the world.

Monthly Horoscope: Cancer

You need to be intuitive as well as alert now and health as well as vitality seem much improved. You will now be paying more attention to your worldly pursuits and home will take a back seat. Love seems to be happier and finance is looking strong.

Yearly Horoscope: Cancer

2017 can be a highwater year full of major achievements, crucial decisions and changes for you, Cancer. Great things are possible with so much transformative energy aimed your way.

The January Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is also square Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This creates a T-square that points straight at Cancer. Your home life, domestic environment, your home town, your country, and your home planet Earth rarely get this much celestial attention. Make great progress on any or all of these home fronts as soon as you can.

It's also a great year to successfully conclude a long, difficult project or to make that big change that takes you to a better place... geographically, mentally, and/or emotionally.

The separating conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces gives you enhanced intuition and instincts. This offers powerful advantages all year long. Will you take them?

When the Sun enters Cancer, Mars will be there, too. Jupiter will be in the heart of Libra, your Fourth House of home, family, and the conclusion of things. This year may take some hard work, but great energy, luck, and generosity are at your fingertips all year long.