Daily Horoscope: Capricorn

Like slowly rising bread dough, your business or career plans are finally starting to turn into something real! This is a day of great momentum, when a little nudge of effort in one direction will cause a giant avalanche of good will, positive feedback and success. Keep talking all day long -- the more you can connect people to what you're doing, the better. You will soak up a lot of energy from the enthusiasm that other people are showing you.

Weekly Horoscope: Capricorn

As Mercury retrogrades through your house of creativity and authenticity, you might be feeling the need to march to your own drumbeat. Children or creative projects could be difficult up until April 20, so you might need to be patient until circumstances shift in your favor. Creative activities that enable you to express yourself or to gain insights about yourself will be productive, however. If your life feels a bit stuck, get out the paints, the camera, the pen and paper, or the musical instruments and enjoy a little self-expression. Spend some time considering who you are, what you want, and what makes your heart sing. Then give yourself permission to do more of what you love. It’s all too easy for Capricorns to become dominated by work and business. Even hobbies and creative activities often need to have a goal behind them. Occasionally, it might do you a world of good to do something just for the sake of enjoyment.

Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn

Passions at home seem more changeable. Keeping your state of emotional harmony seems more of a challenge now. Health is much improved this month. Earnings can be huge at certain times. You have a greater interest in healthy life styles and healthy regimes and diets.

Yearly Horoscope: Capricorn

It's your year to charge ahead, make bold changes for progress, success, and achieve greater respect in the world. The Sun-Pluto conjunction in January empowers and emboldens you all year long.

There are four Mercury retrogrades in 2017 but only the first - seven days in January - will be in Capricorn. Start out in a cautious wait-and-see mode but after January 8, it's full steam ahead.

A trine between your planet Saturn and Uranus makes it easier this year to be bold and innovative once you've weighed your many options.

As the year begins, a rash of sextiles involving eight planets will keep you connected and in touch with people, enabling you to coolly and calmly relate to them, and to see the magic that surrounds many people and situations.

Family and friends will listen and support you. But it may be love that generates the most progress for you.Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius from April until late August. This tones down any over-enthusiasm or rash action.

December is super strong when Saturn goes home and enters Capricorn on December 19. On December 21 the Sun enters Capricorn and conjoins Saturn. End the year in high spirits and firm footing for the year to come.