Daily Horoscope: Scorpio

Self-discipline is not an easy thing to achieve, especially now, when so many different ideas and opportunities are tempting you. But if you think of these temptations as tests of your willpower, you can see a direct connection between refusing something that isn't good and welcoming something that is good. You know the things to avoid, so avoid them. This may require a last-minute revision to your social plans.

Weekly Horoscope: Scorpio

The planetary picture is much more settled this week; however, finances could still be a sticking point. Most of us have more than we need and spend too much time worrying about situations that never come to pass. It might be a better use of your time and energy to redirect your attentions to your relationships since this area is the current hot spot in your chart. Much progress can be made here so long as there’s a willingness to communicate. Mercury backtracking through your partnership zone suggests that there could be one or two problems that need ironing out, but when the Sun enters this same region on April 20, things will begin to improve dramatically.

Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio

It is the time to one of the delighted and most active social moment of the year. Avoid stubbornness.try to make good happen in natural ways. With less effort you achieve more. Cheer itself is a healing tonic this month. Singles will meet significant others .Finances are more convoluted these days. This is a time for analysing your financial plans.

Yearly Horoscope: Scorpio

You may not recognise just how lucky you are going to be this year, Scorpio! The Sun-Pluto conjunction at 2017's beginning may keep you wired, intense, and focused on your chosen work. Keep an eye out for lucky opportunities and be ready to pounce. Your modern planet Pluto will keep you sharp and intense all year long.

The separating Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces may tug at your heart and conscience at times but your traditional planet Mars will keep you moving forward and won't let you sink into self-doubt.

When Scorpio starts, the Sun is conjoined with Jupiter and Mercury. Your lucky streak comes out of this. Mars is just entering Libra, too. This keeps you involved and plugged in with other kindred spirits, and those with shared goals and intentions.

Your drive for success is unwavering. Your craving for love and respect is also without limits. The outside world may be crazy at times but at the end of every day, you return to what matters most in your life.

2017 is a powerful and empowering year when nothing can distract, disturb, or stop you if you’re determined. Go out and do it!