Gemstone ... The gemstones have been seen as representations of wealth and power.

The gemstones have been seen as representations of wealth and power. Symbols of supremacy like crowns and richly decorated clothes and robes have traditionally been adorned with jewels. Gems are known to be loaded with specific energies. Effect of the rays produced by precious stones can bring certain changes in the lives of the wearer. Red coloured gems increase the will-power, blood flow and strengthen the soul. These services bring health, happiness and prosperity in the lives of our clients.

From the very dawn of civilisation, man has been fascinated by brilliant, shiny, colourful shells, stones and crystals. Their possession made him more important than others. Gems have always been regarded as bringers of peace,prosperity and happiness. Favourable gems bring about name, fame, power and make life easier. Ancient scriptures from across the world have praised gems as powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny, induce good energy and expel the negative energy that produces sickness and suffering.

All pearls are connected with Planets in Astrology. Clearly Astrology underpins that everything in this planet is joined with Planets at final. What is the association between pearls and Planets? Each planet has a kind of energy which is totally ingested in a particular gem on the earth. Thu-sly Sun's energy is acclimatised in Ruby, Moon's force is open in Pearl, Mars' is in Coral, Jupiter's is in Yellow Sapphire, Saturn's power is seen is Blue Sapphire, Mercury's is in Emerald, Venus' is in Diamond, Rahu's is in Hessonite and Kethu's is in Cat's eye.